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TECHIEE MENTOR is a virtual mentorship program for aspiring Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Deep Learning & Software Developers. Program also includes job placement in the tech industry.

This space is being developed to present resources for career path, including, but not limited to pay equity, mental health, physical health, mentorship and community building.

The objective is to present the necessary tools to build a career in tech while thriving in your personal and work environment.

AI Mentor is a program designed by the non-profit Advance Association and executed in collaboration with private and public partners.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at mentor@techiee.com



Duration: Mentees will be assigned to a mentor for three months (90 days). Assignments will be either for first semester or second semester.

First Semester: March 1st 2021 to May 31th 2021
Second Semester: June 1st 2021 to August 31st 2021


Here is what your virtual mentorship will look like:

Three month (90 days) commitment as a Virtual Mentee.Access to an experienced mentor across the three month program. Bio and information on mentor will be provided and agreed upon before connection.Techiee will make the introductions between you and your new mentor via email.Once introduced, you will connect with your mentor twice a month and you are encouraged to nurture relationships beyond these scheduled sessions. Techiee will assist each month in scheduling your conversation in advance.
Space is limited, but we will do our best to accommodate as many applicants as possible.

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